date: 5/16/21

so today was a wild ride. some shit happened i don't wanna talk about, but hey i got progress on my furby! i was doing some old web searching on oocities and did some rabbit holing to find graphics. i did a specific rabbit hole on some fhfif fanlistings, and it made me sad that i missed out on that. i saw people still doing fanlistings on neocities so im thinking about starting a fhfif fanlisting. ill decide later. mori out!

date: 5/12/21

first page after redesign woo! today's actually going pretty good. i did some old web searching for some foster's shit, i found some but not a lot, which i find strang considering how popular the show was. oh well. email me if you got any good shit like graphics or buttons. oh yeah, a bud is donating her furby to me, so expect some new stuff in the furby shrine.

that's all i can think of atm, so cya!