A happy place for you and me


2 / 22 / 2021 -

oh god wow, i really forgot about my website. sorry about that, ive had a project ive been working on so ive been busy. what's the project you ask? a foster's home for imaginary friends dating simulator! im still working on the script but i've gotten a couple sprites done. anyways, mori out! 2 / 13 / 2021 -

sorry that i forgot to update this yesterday, but the site is finally finished!.......mostly. i still have some stuff to work on but i aint in the mood. ive been playing games i forgot i bought on steam eons ago, including this one called "ni no kuni 2", i havent played the first game but its still fun. i got dnd tonight so im excited about that. okay mori signing off! 2 / 11 / 2021 -

Hot diggity damn, I've been working on this godforsaken website for like, a week I think. And I'm still not done! Luckily, I think I can finish it today if I try. break time!