fun games for your computor. note that some links are downloads and others lead to a download page

pokemon uranium

a extremley good pokemon fangame that was slapped by nintendo but still is being activally patched and updated. 9/10 amazing game

fusionfall/open fusion

fusionfall was an mmorpg by cartoon network that had charectars from CN shows in an anime style trying to save the planet from lord fuse. the game ended in 2012 or so, however fans managed to recover the code for the game and rebuilt the game and its servers from the ground up. a very fun game i keep getting addicted too, 10/10


a flash game emulation collection with over 9000 games in its archives. my personal favorite games id reccomend are burrito bison, papa's bugerria, and foster's home for imaginary friends water duel.


cool little creatures that hang out on your screen and do stuff on them. you can find custom ones on deviantart.


a tool that allows you to customize your laptop to your hearts content with widgets and other stuff. you can make your own if you know how to code.