useful sites. thats it.

pronoun dressing room

a website where you can try out any pronouns or names.

refrence angle

an amazing site for when you cant find a refrence for drawing a certian angle or emotion

this site could've gone in ether category, however this site is an absolute goldmine of intreasting shit. its full of books, old software, and my personal favorite:archives of old websites. i use it to kill loads of time at school, its awesome.


having a hard time making a sewing pattern for a plushie? this website will turn any 3d model into a useable plushie pattern. extremley useful.

wolfram alpha

a useful site for homework, it not only is a very in depth calculator, but can give you information about things like "the population of sybria", hex codes, and wayyyy more. it also has some fun features such as pokemon stats or comparing dog breeds along with much more.